Diet Plans

Which one is right for you?

With so many diet plans out there today, how do you decide which one is best for you? You may one to craft your diet based on the latest diet fad or current trend.

Which ever diet plan you choose, make sure you first get a complete physical and approval for you doctor.

Here are a few diet plans that people are currently trying, some have success and some don't. You may have to try a few before you get the results you are looking for. The main things, with any diet plan, you must stay focussed, motivated and continue with plan in order to see the results you are looking for.

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Top Diet Plans
Diet Plan Diet Plan Description
Atkins Diet Plan The Atkins Diet is a high-protein, high-fat, and very low-carbohydrate regimen. It emphasizes meat, cheese, and eggs, while discouraging foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, and sugar. It is a form of ketogenic diet.
The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser diet plan is based on the reality hit TV Show that translates the show's extreme weight loss to real life through calorie-cutting and exercise. Eat a lot less, move a lot more. This is a calorie-controlled, carbohydrate-modified, fat-reduced plan high in lean protein and wholesome fruits and vegetables.
The 10-Day Detox Diet helps reset your hormones and brain chemistry and turns off inflammation in just 10 days, and the result is not only a significant jump-start on weight loss but also a dramatic change in health.
250x250 Reinvent Yourself with Dukan Diet The Dukan Diet is the culmination of thirty-five years clinical experience. Get proven weight loss results with the only truly personlized program Dukan Diet Coaching. No starvation or frustration! Find your True Weight now! Easy to follow with no calorie counting, The Dukan Diet offers clear simple guidelines, menu planners and delicious recipes for long term success.
The Fat Smash Diet

Dr. Ian Smith, M.D., developed the fat smash diet plan after he became weight-loss consultant and judge for the VH1 hit television program Celebrity Fit Club. The plan was originally designed for celebrities trying to lose weight on the show. The fat smash diet is a 90-day, four-phase weight-loss program that is designed to ‘smash’ bad habits and make permanent lifestyle changes in eating and physical activity.

NutriSystem, Inc. The Nutrisystem diet is a prepaid meal plan with 28 days worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) delivered to your door. Menus provide a mix of low-glycemic carbohydrates, plenty of fiber, and lean protein. The plan encourages dieters to supplement the provided meals with fresh produce and dairy products and eat the meals provided by Nutrisystem's Advanced Programs five times per day. Daily caloric allowances are restricted to 1,200 for women and 1,500 for men.
250x250 The 17 Days To A New You The 17 Day Diet relies on proven methods to help you lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Moreno's revolutionary diet program adjusts your body's metabolism so that you burn fat, day in and day out. The 17 Day Diet Delivery Plan is approved by Dr. Moreno and delivers the Achieve and Arrive cycles of the diet to maximize weight loss results while providing the variety that will keep you satisfied with your new healthy way of eating.

Slim-Fast is more than a line of diet shakes. In recent years, the company has developed soups, pasta, meal-in-one bars, and snacks -- all based on the premise that meal replacement products help people lose weight. On its web site, Slim-Fast outlines a four-step approach to weight loss that is similar to most others -- emphasizing portion control, sensible eating, regular physical activity, and support.

South Beach Diet The South Beach Diet is a popular diet developed by Arthur Agatston and promoted in a best-selling 2003 book. It emphasizes eating high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and lean protein, and categorizes carbohydrates and fats as "good" or "bad".


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